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About Us

ATLANTICA, as a specialty contractor, deals with the Consultation, Design Supply and installation of FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS such as AUTOMATIC FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM, CLEAN AGENT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM, FIRE DETECTION & ALARM SYSTEM, FIRE FIGHTING SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENTS, PLUMBING AND SANITARY WORKS. The company likewise offers maintenance services as an after sales service.

ATLANTICA was established in 1982 as a company engaged in general merchandising business that attends to the requirements of clients both from the private and public sector.

ATLANTICA is engaged in the provision of indent products or its foreign principals, which the company represents. The product and service offerings then are those that generally cater to the need of clients in the Electrical, Plumbing, and Sanitary and Telecommunications industry.

To aim high and explore the potentials of the fire safety engineering industry, a bold decision that turned out to be a wise move. This decision gave birth to ATLANTICA Fire Safety Systems Incorporated (AFSSI).

In the Fire Protection industry was likewise made possible through the use of fire safety supplies and equipment from world-renowned supplier Kidde Fire Systems. In getting an association and authorized distributorship contract with Kidde Fire Systems Inc. It has boosted our excellent achievements in satisfying the most demanding clients in innovative technology of an automated system for total preventive maintenance, monitoring and activation of FM-200 Fire Suppression System in software design efficacy. Kidde Fire Systems products are listed in the UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (UL) and approved by FACTORY MUTUAL (FM).

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